10 Tips Before Going to Thailand

Before going to Thailand, you should take care of some items to feel comfortable during your travel. We have listed things you should care about below. Contrary to most people saying, Thailand is quite safe and do not need take much precautions. Most people just have problem with taxi and tuktuk drivers.

In general, Thai people are good with people and have good attitude. They try to help you whenever you need, so you do not need to worry much. Enjoy Thailand and have a good holiday!

before going to thailand

  • Once you have taken care of your flight ticket and hotel, start to prepare the goods you will bring with you. In fact, it is not necessary for you to take too much clothes. Two jeans you normally wear, two cloth pants and 3-4 t-shirts and two shirts will be enough. When choosing underwear and socks, it would be a good idea to buy cotton swabs. In addition to these two shorts a slipper with a sports shoes and a normal summer shoes will be enough. In Thailand you can find cheaper your other shortcomings from the market. 
  • You should take your medicine and condom from your home country, before going to Thailand. You may not find the same products in Thailand. Low quality condoms bought from Thailand can ruin your life! 
  • Take your own cosmetic products. Each brand have different versions of cosmetics throughout the world
  • Take precautions for athlete’s foot. Use proper shampoo and body gel. It will protect you from this undesirable situation. Remember that only the curing process takes 6 to 12 weeks and this is a very troublesome process.
  • Thai food may harm your body balance until you get used to them. So take reflor or maflor with you. 
  • Do not take too much cash money with you and do not use money exchange office in airports. The are expensive!
  • Instead of your expensive phone, take your cheap old phone and use it in Thailand.
  • Sim cards with internet are quite cheap for tourists in Thailand. It costs you about 200 baht for a week, unlimited internet. You do not need to pay your GSM operator to international usage of internet and dials. 
  • Print your reservations and take photos of them with your phone camera before going to Thailand. Also it will be better if you take photo of your visa and passport in case of losing them.
  • Buy a tactical pen before going Thailand to defence yourself in case!

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