8 Interesting Thailand Facts!

Thailand has a unique culture and nature which you can never see in another country. They have interesting habits and behaviours which a western may not understand easily. We listed below 8 Thailand facts you may not know. 

1. The bamble bat, the smallest mammal in the world, lives in Thailand.

the bamble bat

2. People use “5 5 5” while texting instead of “ha ha ha”. Pronouncation of “5” is very similar to “ha”. They add “na” and “ka” after verbs. It adds sincerety and sometimes intimacy. 

3. People, especially young population use Line app instead of World superstar WhatsApp and likes video conversation a lot. Internet speed is greater than most of countries and it is quite cheap.

4. Sex workers mostly cater to local Thai man, not tourist. Most of sex workers have daily job and sex with men for money to get extra money. Their annual fee is quite low and most of them had seperated with their husbands. They must take care their children so they need money.

5. It is illegal to leave the house without underwear! Police can arrest you if you do this..

6. It is legal to sell children to factories, farmers, etc.

7.Head is the holiest part of the human body. You should not touch even a boy’s head. By the way, most Thai people afraid of ghosts.

8. Traffic is so crowded but you never hear a horn! It is accepted as a very rude behaivor.

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