After arrival to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport: What now?

After arrival to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, first you should handle your Thai visa issue. Thailand government does not demand visa from most of countries before trip. You just have to take the visa in the airport. You will just fill a form and give it to officers at the passport control after reaching the Bangkok airport. Taking visa will take your approximately 15 – 30 minutes so pay attention that issue.

Now you are in Thailand. Your first job will be to use the airport front desk to reach the hotel or the area you will be visiting from the airport. If you are going to Bangkok city centre, we would recommend you to go by express train from Bangkok to the center of Bangkok or use shuttle services from there. Before arrival to Bangkok airport, you can make a reservation for a taxi to get to Pattaya from Bangkok airport or anywhere you want. 

If you will go by taxi, you will have to walk a little instead of waiting taxis in front of the airport and use one of the taxis passing at the airport entrance or on the road and the taxi driver who leaves the passenger in the airport. But since it is your first departure, I advised you to use the airport taxis directly. It does not really matter because it’s a one-time expense.

If you are going to Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can join the people you meet on board and divide the taxi fare by 3-4 so you can get a taxi cheaper or if you come with a tour on the plane, you agree with them and give them 100 baht. Otherwise you can go by bus. I do not recommend it because the first ones who will go there do not know the way. Of course, it costs 80 baht to go by bus, so the taxi will cost between 1,500 and 1000 baht. The most secure 4 people will be united and take a taxi.

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Another issue is that if you want to buy a mobile phone card you can take it from the airport or you can pick it up after your hotel is settled. Because there are many kinds and tariffs, it is useful to determine according to your need. Since you will only use your mobile phone for emergency and home calls, it will be enough to choose a cheap package.

In most places you will have wi fi access if you will use the internet so you do not have to pay more than a hundred baht. It will be enough to pick up as much as you need. If you do not pick up the phone, be sure to register the phone number of the your embassy with the emergency number and the tourist police phone. In the future you will find your hotel phone and you will be able to register the taxi company and other phones.


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