Bangkok Weather: Choosing travel date

Bangkok weather in Thailand is one of the tourists most wondered questions. Bangkok temperatures are generally high, as you know.  Bangkok is in general a tropical place but do not worry, seasons are separated. These are called the Cool Season, the Hot Season and the Rainy Season. You may choose your travel date according to that seasons.

Bangkok Cool Season (November – February)

The cool season is the most favorable time for travel due to the lack of rainfall. On the other hand, hotels, airplanes and tour fares usually have serious discounts during other periods of low season.

Bangkok Hot Season (March-June)

This rotation hits moisture and high temperature streak. Humidity and temperature can reach disturbing dimensions, especially in cities like Bangkok. In northern Thailand, which has a higher altitude, the weather is less overwhelming.

Bangkok Rainy Season (July-October)

Monsoon rains are effective in the rainy season. However, there is no continuous rainfall during the first few days, especially in rainy days. In these days, usually after lunch, there will be several rains and the sun will open in the rain.

Bangkok weather

Bangkok weather is the best in November – February as a result.

Otherwise, you should take necessary precautions for unconvinient weather conditions.

In the period from August to November when the precipitation reac hes its peak, there may be floods in sea-level cities like Bangkok and Ayutthaya.

Weather in Bangkok Thailand

The Samui archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand receives less rainfall than other regions until October and is generally convenient for travel. During the October to December period, they receive very heavy rainfall.

Weather in Bangkok: Should not you go in rainy season?

In the rainy season, which is low season, there can be serious discounts in hotel, tour and airline rates. In addition, the waterfalls and rivers are full and nature is more green.

Although weather in Bangkok is different relatively for each season, in fact, all seasons are great for travel to Bangkok. Hotels in Bangkok are all air conditioned already so you do not need to worry much. Nevertheless, people have illness as high blood pressure should avoid mid-days. Humidity is another problem, too.

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