Chinatown Bangkok: A must see place in Thailand

Chinatown Bangkok is a popular tourist destination as well as a haven of alternative tastes for those who enjoy their mouths. This 1 km lane adjacent to Charoenkrung Road is also very busy day and night.

At the same time, there are Chinese temples where shopping folks can find different products and can also visit for history buffs.

Chinatown in Bangkok is among the places to visit in Bangkok with colorful, crowded, narrow streets, food cooked on the streets, shops selling products from China, preserving exoticism.


chinatown bangkok

Chinatown, filled with countertops, street restaurants, Chinese drug stores and gold stores, is a place to be noted for gourmets wanting to taste street flavors. Stop by after sunset to get maximum benefit.

The Chinese migrant workers who worked on the Rattanakosin, the old center of Bangkok, placed a limb in 1782, separated by a canal across the region.

Located around Yaowarat cottages and now called Chinatown, this area is one of Bangkok’s liveliest, colorful and chaotic places.

In Phahurat, on the western end of the Chinese Quarter, there is also a region known as Little India.


Chinese shops are covering all the pavements at night while shops selling Chinese goods in the day are open. Odors can bother you, even if you eat and drink-watching is so much fun.

Built in 1999, this passage is located at the eastern end of the Chinese neighborhood. The building was built in honor of the present Thai king’s 72nd birthday.

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