How to choose hotel in Bangkok and Pattaya

“How to choose hotel in Bangkok” is one of complicated question of travellers, no question. There are thousands of hotels as you know in Bangkok. But, which one is best for you? That’s question. Location, neighborhood, price, staff, cleaniless are the 5 general focus subjects.

First of all, depending on what kind of holiday you are looking for, you should choose your hotel location. If you think that you should be close to the nightlife in Bangkok or Pattaya, you should look for places close to where the nightlife of Thailand is starring. If you say that you do not need comfort so much, you should still look for comfortable places near where you can reach everywhere. You should act according to your preferences.

how to choose hotel in bangkok

How to choose hotel in Bangkok and Pattaya: Focus your travel reason!

The first thing to do when choosing a hotel is to have a safe box in the room, or in the lobby. It is very important in terms of getting your important documents and keep your money safe. Secondly choose from nearby hotels that are safe and appealing to you. As you know, there are lots of websites and blogs where you can check your existing researches on sites.

Sukhumvit Road: One of best Place to stay in Bangkok

If you look for places on or near Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, you will not have trouble getting to where you are going. Its location is awesome. If you settled in a hotel on the other side of the city just because it is cheap, your time will be spent on the roads and the money you give will be more than the cost of accommodation. You should not forget that choosing the right hotel on your holiday means you decide how your vacation will go.

How to choose Hotel in Pattaya: Go for near Walking Street for Pattaya Nightlife !

If you are in Pattaya you are either close to the Walking street or on the 2nd Road with the hotel close to the LK subway station. If you find a hotel in Ta Jomtien, you will be away from other places with Beach Road near Pattaya nightlife heartland and Walking Street.

  • After you have decided on the hotel zone according to your preferred preference, you will have to check each hotel individually and reserve two nights for one or the other after taking the necessary notes. If you are satisfied with the hotel and its location after you have settled in the hotel, you will not be able to extend it.

If you are not satisfied, look at the notes you have taken. Of course this is easy to say, but there is no possibility of finding a place in the tourism season, so it is useful to choose carefully. Especially affordable hotels are running out early. Another important point when you enter the hotel is to see the room and do not pay without seeing the room. Make a tight bargain at the entrance.

hotel in bangkok

Choose Free Cancellation marked hotels while booking on net. Thus, you change the reservation when you find a better hotel.

Another thing to note is that you are choosing the hotels with “Guest Free”. They sell Thai hotels as rooms, which means you pay for a double room. Some guests may ask you for an additional 300 to 500 baht of gross money when you bring guests, so it is worthwhile to be careful.

  • Do not use the mini bar in the room as much as possible, take your beverage water soft drinks from the Seven Eleven and grocery stores and place them in the refrigirator. Do not order drinks from room service, the price is generally high. We tried to help you solve “How to choose hotel in Bangkok” dilemma. You can ask us further questions.

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