Golden Mount (Wat Saket) Bangkok

Golden Mount (Wat Saket), located on a low hill, is crowned with gold chedi. The Buddha house remains in the Chedi and welcomes all Buddhists throughout the year. The golden mount temple has undergone restoration work in some periods.

It is a very important time because it is the sacred pilgrimage period during the weekly worship period in November. The temple is spiral shaped and needs 300 steps up to the top to reach it. There are places to rest in some spots because it is under high temperature and humidity.

Before climbing, there is an unusual grave just below. An eerie place wrapped in grapes and large herbs. It is likely that 60,000 people who died of plague epidemics in the late 18th century were buried here.


golden mount wat saket

As you approach the hill, you will see the bells lying in the middle of a wonderful view of Bangkok. If you have plenty of time in Bangkok, we advise you not to return to the country without seeing Wat Saket. Although transportation is difficult, you will not regret it.

However, especially people with heart disease should take great care when going to Wat Saket. You may need to walk in very hot and humid air.

Golden Mount Entrance fee: 20 baht

Golden Mount Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00

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