Jim Thompson House (Bangkok)

Jim Thompson House is one of the must-see places in Bangkok. Jim Thompson, a CIA agent that America sent to Southeast Asia during World War II, is also a New York-based architecture.

After the war was over, he settled in Bangkok and rescued the almost disappearing Thai silk at the time, making it industrialized. At the same time he has built himself a magnificent house of teak wood inspired by the Thai architecture on the canal side, so that the inside of the house is not priceless.

When you visit Jim Thompson House, you encounter very interesting architectural details, such as the fact that the house is built on the canal edge, not just taking advantage of the cool air, but the canoe that is always kept on the canal to escape during sudden raids.

Jim Thompson disappeared during a trip to Malaysia in 1967 and is never found again. This mystery, as you walk around the house so much you are winding up, like everyone who listens to the story, you are writing thousands of scripts in your head.

There are scenarios in which the CIA agents kidnapped, drowned, in fact never died and changed shape, or when they were on a boat trip in Malaysia to feed crocodiles.

jim thompson house


Today, you can find a store in Jim Thompson House where you can taste original Thai cuisine, a restaurant on the edge of Jim Thompson’s wonderful garden and by the pool, where you can find originals of various things made with Thai thai, which you usually find anywhere in Thailand. .

In the store you will encounter products that are as beautiful as you can lose yourself. The Jim Thompson brand, which many stylists today work with preserving Thai culture, is signing up for art. The Jim Thompson store is introducing new products every season, especially the Thai business bags and hats being in different models every season.

Jim Thompson House Entrance Fee: 100 Baht

Jim Thompson House Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00

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