9 long haul flights essentials: A Thailand classic

Long haul flights are most traveller’s nightmares and a highly possible problem while going to Thailand. When traveling on a journey, you need to make your long flight enjoyable, a good start to a good holiday. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind some of the tricky points of the long haul flight.

9 Recommendations for long haul flights

1. Try to get the best seat

Go to the airport early and ask for security seats. Since these seats are wider than others, you can easily extend your feet.

Do not choose places near the back of the plane, near the preparations for the toilet and service. You are likely to be uncomfortable with many coming in. If you are a frequent flyer, choose a corridor.

2. Get a neck pillow

For long haul flights, frequent travelers know the comfort of thier neck. Absolutely get the padded pillow that is full of air or full inside before you travel. This will help carry your head over your neck muscles to ride the load. When you want to sleep, the pillow will work. 

Also, if you are comfortable sleeping on the plane, the window is a good choice, do not forget to buy a pillow when you pass business class.

3. Get something that you can linger

long haul flights

There are advanced entertainment systems on many long haul flights, but no matter what happens, take your tablet pc and upload a movie inside. Have fun watching the movie along the way. Likewise, you can upload movies to your IOS or Android smartphone.

4. Buy your newspaper and magazine

When you fly with the airlines of other countries, only the languages ​​and English newspapers and magazines of that country can be given to you. That’s why you should have 1-2 magazines and a magazine you enjoy reading.

5. Experience in-flight entertainment

Many planes now have very advanced entertainment systems. It is possible to find hundreds of films, documentaries and music channels in these large-screen systems mounted behind your seat in front of you. Try it, watch the movie, wander the channels. If you are having difficulty using it, do not forget to ask for help from the cabin attendant. Be aware of if it needs extra payment to use entertainment systems!! An in flight entertainment system can save your life for a long haul flight to Thailand.

6. Bring your own headsets

Even though you are given a headset on airplanes, the sound quality can be quite bad. It is better bring your own headphones. Thus, you will be able to minimize the external sounds.

7. Lightweight and small cabin luggage

Light travel is quite comfortable. Get a small cabin baggage for things you might need in the airplane cabin. It is difficult to find space in your overhead cabinets for large baggage, and you also eliminate the risk of raising and lowering the accident.

8. Put some food stuff in your bag

If you are flying with a luxury airline, delicious food suitable for your taste is waiting for you. But if you are flying through the air routes of different countries, the meals offered may not satisfy you. Bring something you can eat as snack. Hazelnuts, peanuts, roasted chickpeas, salty biscuits and wafers can be for example.

9. Get a Priority Pass Card

There is no point in being at the airport. You can get a Priority Pass Card, which offers more than 800 airport CIP saloon gates and privileges, especially on transit flights.

More than 700 airports in 120 countries around the world offer entrance privileges to the salon. Regardless of the class of your airline or ticket used for your business and private trips, you can get service from accredited CIP halls all over the world.

If you pay attention to the above tips in the long Thai airplane journey, you can go on a more comfortable plane journey. Do not consume plenty of water and do not neglect to walk in the aisle of the plane and walk away. Long haul flights really annoy you but if you follow steps written above, you will feel better.

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