Moving to Thailand: Possible job opportunities

Moving to Thailand is probably one of most people thought after first visit to Thailand. In Thailand, both nature and climate conditions, people and the shining culture can be perfect for a lifetime. Thailand comes to mind first when it comes to living in another country. Life is cheap and you can easily find everything you need without much effort and cheaply.

Especially in Asia, it is a center where all countries can find flights easily and cheaply, which makes travel lovers’ job much easier.

How much money do you need per month for moving to Thailand?

Before moving to Thailand, of course that will be the first question. That subject varies according to the city you live in, but to give a few examples;

Monthly rentals in Bangkok vary depending on the distance to the city center and the train route. However, these figures start at an incredibly low figure of $ 250-40 per month. Of course these areas are almost 1 hour out of town and it is very difficult to reach without a car or motorcycle. It is impossible to find a tourist in the region and it is very difficult for you to even meet someone who speaks English.

A little more moderate, relatively close to public transport, and where you can reach the city center by making a two-way transfer, the rent is around $ 80 – 100 per month.

  • We suggest you to learn how to ride a scooter before moving to Thailand. You will thank us later;)

in the city centers, it really rises to ridiculous prices, but the monthly rental prices are only $ 250 – 350 per month, with a pool, parking lots, gyms etc. You can hire a luxurious apartment.

Services such as electricity, water and internet are relatively cheap compared to your country, but the difference is not a cliff.

Your daily costs in Thailand will not exceed a maximum of $ 10 per day, unless you go out to bars and Thailand nightlife.

moving to thailand

Moving to Thailand: What to eat and drink for a life?

The Thai cuisine is world famous and is suitable for almost everyone’s mouth taste. The best part is that it is very cheap. You just pay $ 1-2 for a single meal. If you are a bit of a picky person, you can really find all the cuisines of the world in Bangkok. But that will raise your costs!

You can shop at the supermarkets and make your own food at home, but this can be almost the same or even more expensive than eating from street sellers. Believe us, you will easily get used to eat Thai food as soon as possible if you are planning to moving to Thailand!

Moving to Thailand: Job opportunities

Unemployment rate in Thailand is really low. Almost everyone works, but of course $ 50-120 per month is very low salaries and these salaries will not suffice. We have summarized some jobs you can think about before moving to Thailand.

Teaching: If you are an good English speaker, you can apply for a TEFL or CELTA training with a one-month certification program and apply for English language teaching. As a result of these trainings given for foreigners whose native language is not English, salaries are an average of $ 700 for entry. It depends on the people that you will be fully aware of your self-improvement afterwards. Finding a job for $ 1000 in a nicer school with a little sociality is far from a dream. The salaries of English speakers in the main language are $ 2500 – 3000.

Real estate: There are thousands of Europan and American people thinking to buy a house or farm in Thailand. Big real estate companies are looking for English speaking staff to market their apartments.

Scuba Diving teacher: There are lots of people come to Thailand for adventure sports. A job that is often needed not only in Thailand but all over the world. If you have an underwater curiosity and even your PADI certifications, it’s a blame. If you are a scuba diving teacher then you can think seriously do this job before moving to Thailand.

Open a bar or something like it 

That can be look risky but taxes are quite low in Thailand and you do not need millions of dollars to open a bar or store. 

  • Build your own Boutique Hotel: Yes. You can make it! As for many of things, building costs are relatively low so you can build your dream!!

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