Nana Plaza: Bangkok Nightlife Star for All

Nana Plaza is one of the best choice for Bangkok Nightlife. Although it has strong alternatives as Soi Cowboy and Sukhumvit, Nana Plaza is “number one” if you want to find a bar girl. You can pick up a bar girl or ladyboy from go go bars or on the road near to Nana Plaza.

This complex is named by Nana Hotel located in Soi 4 ​​on Sukhumvit Road. It is still in this region. There are numerous bars and Go Go bars in place inside. Also you can find lots of Beer Bar, Go Go Bar and Street Bars on Soi 4 ​​outside of Nana Plaza. This street is also famous for its freelancers waiting for customers at the roadside and Nana Hotel Entrance. The area is completely filled with men’s entertainment venues. Nana Plaza prices in these places are the third after Sukhumvitten and Soi Cowboy. Bangkok nightlife is a bit expensive than Pattaya Nightlife, you should know that.

How to get to Nana Plaza

There are buses from Havaray to Phloen Chit or Nana station from city center, 2-511 from Khao San Road.

nana plaza bangkok

If you have no intention of going to Pattaya, but you are wondering what this sin city looks like, you can take a look at this interesting and crazy place and its surroundings. In this interesting sex complex, there are dozens of “go-go bars” where both women and ladyboys work. 

  • There is also an Arab-Middle East neighborhood where you can find kebabs and other food right opposite the street.

Nana Plaza Prices

Nana Plaza Prices differ from bar to bar and you. Your general outfit, how you look and your communication skills are “cruical” for negotiation. Ladies generally want 1000-2000 baht for short time. Also, you must pay bar fee to pick up the bar girl. Because Nana Plaza is generally consist of go go bars. For long time, ladies want at least 2000 – 3000 baht to be with you all night. Bar fee is around 300 – 500 baht. Beer prices are ok. You pay 100-150 baht for a 500 ml. beer. If you do not know local beer brands, choose Chang. Chang is cheap and delicious.

nana plaza prices

Nana Plaza Opening Hours : 8 pm – 2 am

  • Bangkok Nightlife’s most wondered place “Nana Plaza” opens around 19:00 – 20:00 but it rocks after 11 pm. Bars are closed around 2 am. Be careful which bar will you go. Go go bars look maybe better but much expensive than beer bars. Also, you have to pay bar fee to get a lady from go go bars. If you do not want only woman, also have fun and drink beer and good music, choose regular beer bars. You can also find girls or ladyboys from them but you do not need to pay bar fee. If you are in this place for just get laid, you can find freelancers cheaper from cross the street. Your negotiation skills work better at later hours, naturally. As we mentioned before, Bangkok nightlife prices are a bit higher than Pattaya nightlife. 

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