One day in Bangkok plus Nightlife Bonus!

One day in Bangkok plus Bangkok nightlife? Not enough, not even close as you guess. But, if you have limited time in Bangkok and spend this one day and have fun and both get some cultural mood, here you are.. 

Most people uses Bangkok airport to connecting other cities or countries as Cambodia, Phuket, Pattaya, etc. They have mostly one or 1/2 day to explore the city. We strongly recommend you to stay at least one night in Bangkok and experience the Bangkok nightlife for once! The next morning you go some places of interest and go whereever you want. We have listed “must” see places for one day visit to Bangkok, including Bangkok nightlife!!

One day in Bangkok and enjoy Bangkok Nightlife!

bangkok nightlife

1. First, you have limited time. In general, Bangkok is available to walking all day but this time, you have to be faster. Choose one of them:

a. Tuktuk: First decide which place you want to go from the link below. Be careful about opening hours and entrance fee of the places you will visit. 

13 Must see places of Bangkok

Pick 5 of them. We particularly recommend you to choose Wat Pho , Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun. Others are up to you. Take a city map and mark the places.  Show tuktuk driver all the places and offer him 200 baht. After a tight bargain, accept 300 baht. He will try to get you some shopping malls but do not accept. Accept if you cut half of the price.(Shopping Malls or some places give them free oil-gas coupon so they try to get this) Do not pay the money until you finish all the marked places.

b. Motorbike taxi: If you are a solo traveller. You can bargain with a motorbike taxi as tuktuk. 

c. Rent a motorbike: This is the most entertaining but risky option. You can do it if you believe in your riding skills. 

2. After pick one of the transportation option above. Take water and some chocolate bar with you and start the tour. 

one day in bangkok

3. You should finish the places you will visit about 7 pm. Tell tuktuk driver to leave you at Khaosan Road. The most live street of Bangkok. Eat something and have a foot massage for 1 hour. It will cost you around 200 baht but it will worth it! Because you need and deserve a good massage! Walk around Khoasan Road, find a roof bar and drink a beer while watching the thousands of people come to Bangkok from the World. 

You can still enjoy Bangkok nightlife even you have just one night!

bangkok nightlife

4. If you are highly interested in Bangkok nightlife then you should pick one of them: Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. You may take a quick tour with a tuktuk if you want and decide later. Read fastly our Bangkok nightlife recommendations and choose where to party!

5. If you are looking for a bar girl or freelancer, you can find easily from Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. After you are done with lady, come back to Khaosan Road around 12 pm and join the street party! In front of the bars, you will see hundreds of people dancing and drinking. Join them and find new friends, do not hesitate, it’s Bangkok! The party will end around 2 am and you can rest now..

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