Pattaya Bars & Nightclubs & Discos: 8 of Best!

Pattaya bars and Pattaya discos are famous for their wild and cheap concepts. There are hundreds of discos, bars and nightclubs in Pattaya as you guess. We have not even talked about go go bars yet! Not this time!

Go go bars are generally used to find ladies but this 6 Pattaya bars and discos are great places to have fun and also meet girls in Pattaya nightlife

Best 8 Pattaya bars & nightclubs you should hang out!

1. Club Insomnia: A unique Pattaya Bar

A nightclub on Walking Street (formerly at Soi Marina Plaza), claiming that the most sexy girls in Thailand came here to have fun every night. Club Insomnia is Pattaya’s favorite entertainment and meeting place with its music, hot Thai girls and a fabulous Party atmosphere, created by world famous DJs.

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2. MIXX Discotheque

It is known as Pattaya’s first luxury and most popular disco, and actually combines two discos in a single pic. If you like House, or Trance music, you’ll love Crystal Palace, which is great at this wonderful technology. The Rouge Club is a place for you if you are more into R & B or Hip Hop. MIXX is open till late in the evening from 9pm and has the best Thai djs and very nice dancing girls. 

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3. Walking Street Pub

It’s on the left just ahead of Walkking Street. The red car hangs at the entrance of the discounter, which is entered in a narrow circle. There is a billiard table at the entrance, a non-smoking clean air and good music, the disco is among the best quality discs in Pattaya. The seats lined up on the wall are good for resting after the fatigue of the Pattaya nightlife. 

4. Marine Disco

Located in the very heart of Walking Street, that one of best Pattaya bars is one of the best-known discos of nightlife fun for many years in Pattaya. As a lot of freelance lifeguards usually come in for second shifts – as they take their wages at the previous venue and leave for a “short time” – Marine is known to be a space where you can find girls too late for disco.

5. Star Dice

It is located at Pattaya Garden Resort on Naklua Road. Star Dice is a discotheque that offers traditional Thai-style live music and entertainment shows. You can bring your own whiskey bottle and just ask for shaker and ice. There is no such thing as paying twice as much on Walking Street. Very popular place among local people and tourists.

6. Tony’s Disco & Entertainment Complex

It is a large entertainment complex located at the southernmost part of Walking Street, with live music and dance shows. Walking Street’s favorite meeting point for freelance girls and the same logic as Marine Disco.

Warning: Tony is a well-known place for foreigners to pay far more than their normal counterparts. Drinkers pay at least twice as much as foreigners while selling to local girls at affordable prices. Still, going to Tony’s place is like a piece of things to do in Pattaya nightlife.

7. Lucifer Disco

Located on Walking Street, an expensive disco with stylish decor and many girls looking for “friends” with the ability to be one of the hottest places in Pattaya nightlife. At weekends, live music is played, and usually the famous American Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap and R & B are played. One of good Pattaya bars!

8. Candy Shop

It is possible to sit on a large number of seats on the street with a wide front and watch the street by drinking a hookah or a drink. In the evening, live quality music is made.

Other entertainment venues offering live music are also very popular for the locals of Thai-style breweries and yada karaoke bars section. 

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