Pattaya Nightlife Areas: 6 of Best to Party!

Pattaya nightlife areas can be classified in 6 areas. Walking Street, Soi 6-7-8, Soi Diana, Action Street, Beach Road Soi Diamond. Walking street is maybe the most known Pattaya nightlife area, even the best. But, You should experience other areas if you need enough time.

Best Pattaya nightlife areas are not far from eachothers. That’s the good news. You may rent a motorbike and visit all of them in one night. Also, you can get a tuk tuk as always! Nightlife in Pattaya start at 10 pm and lasts for at least 5 hours. So you will have enough time to party around!

pattaya nightlife areas


1- Walking Street: No surprise! It should be your first choice. You will find dozens of ladies and ladyboys here. Plus, you may just have fun and have great live music performances in rock bars. There are top class nightclubs where you can have fun and meet girls/boys all night. Insomnia club may be a good choice for you.

2- Soi Buakhao and LK Metro (Soi Diana): There are bars, massage saloons, Beer Bars and Go Go Bars on Soi Buakhao which is the upper street of the Caden. It is less noisy and less crowded than Walking Street. The environment is more decent and well suited. On this street is the so-called Soi Diana, which is called LK Metro. Here, there are the same kind of places and European style bars. Prices are better than Walking Street. Generally, the resident prefer foreigners. Most of the Beer Bars here is arranged like a regular bar and there are indoor and outdoor seating options.

3- Soi 6-7-8: These streets are connected vertically to Beach Road. Soi 6 is full of spaces where ladies who provide short time service are located. Soi7 and Soi8 are also notable for Go Go Bars Beer bars and Beer Bar Coplexes. There are restaurants, Steak Houses scattered around. The surroundings are quite good compared to other places. It is your choice to spend time in these streets. But these regions are home to the most convenient locations of central Pattaya in terms of price. You can sit in the bar or sitting groups and enjoy the ambience.

4 – Beach Road: It is a walking path that falls on the coast side of the sea. It stretches all along the beach. With the renewals made in 2014, it became a beautiful coastal walking route. On this way, freelance girls and Ladies start to appear on the show at noon. As time progresses, the numbers increase and crowd stretches along the huge road. Girls and ladyboys wait for customers on the sidewalk or under the trees.


  • At Pattaya Beach Road, the situation is simple and you start to talk and talk with your little greetings. The only advantage of these girls is that their prices are low and they do not need a bargain. But there is a chance of being risky for your safety. They are very beautiful girls among the girls who are lined up along the way, even the girls who are not working normally come here for 1-2 days to get money.

pattaya freelancers

5- Action Street: Soi Buakhao is a place of action in this area is actually Beer Bar Kompleks, but it is considered very secluded because it is not visited by tourists. The lowest priced places are in this complex. Girls are more sympathetic to you. They are more interested in you than others. The only flaw is that English is below the standards of Pattaya. The go-goers who have come to Pattaya for years have reminded the nightlife of the old Pattaya and offer the sincerity and warmth of the bars and daughters of those times. As a result, Action Street is one of good Pattaya nightlife areas.

Best of the 6 nighlife areas in Pattaya is definetely Walking Street.

6- Soi Diamond: Actually, this area is related to Walking Street. The price issue is almost identical to Walking Street. It is waiting for you to discover yourself like an officially hidden treasure. Although most tourists prefer to go straight, I think you will find places to catch more interest from Walking Street. 

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