Pattaya Nightlife Tips: 8 Nightlife Terms

Pattaya nightlife tips for beginners: For those planning a trip to Pattaya, we will give you some information you need to know about nightlife in Pattaya first.

Pattaya has its own special “ethical” and traditional rules you should respect and obey. It also has unique terms which you must know to not look as a newbie to Pattaya night life. They are quite different Europan hotspots like Amsterdam Red Ligt District. These information will help you to get used to Pattaya nightlife.



1. SHORT TIME: It is called Short Time, which is close to two hours with a lady. Genereally, there is no bar fine in Short Time, but they charge an additional fee under the name of the room rent, which is fine for the bar. Short time fee is about 1000 – 1500 baht.

2. LONG TIME: It is said to be with the lady all night long. It lasts until the morning of the next day from the time you normally receive. But most of the time you stay till lunch, they make breakfast or even take a walk. They take their fees when they leave. Long time fee is about 2000 – 3000 baht.

3. GO GO BAR: These bars are actually strip clubs and indoor spaces. Inside you can drink with your favorite dancers and watch the shows that will not look like porn. Dancers and all ladies in the environment have a number. You must indicate by your number which side you will call. If you want to go to the hotel with the ladies, you must first negotiate with the lady and then pay the bar fine. You can get long time or short time. 

pattaya nightlife go go bar

4. BAR FINE: If you go to a go go bar, it is necessary to pay a bar fine to pick up a lady working there. I mean, it’s the paradise you get for this place. This does not include price bargaining with the lady. Because you get a lady from the bar and this lady will not be working for the bar for a couple of hours.

5. MAMASAN: The lady who controls the ladies is referred to as the older and the more experienced. 

6. BEER BARS: Beer Bars are usually two types of places that are welcomed by the girls who are lined up on a stool around a bar. Most Beer Bars use different concept to show themselves. But this is the general style. The prices of Beer Bars are much more affordable than Go Go bars. Locations under a large roof in collective form are also called Beer Bar Coplex and are known by their complex name.

pattaya nightlife tips

One of golden Pattaya Nightlife Tips: Prefer Beer Bars!

  • Try to have time at beer bars for lower costs. Freelancer ladies usually come to beer bars and you do not need to pay bar fine for them. But, you should buy them lady drinks. 

7. LADY DRINKS: It is given to the ladies ordered drink. They are cheap but important for especially freelancer ladies. Bars get money from lady drinks and so indirectly by freelancer ladies. Lady drinks are one of important Pattaya nightlife tips. 

8. RINGING BELLS: You will see a bell hanging in the bars. Meaning everyone in the bar is buying a drink. In some bars, the standard vodka is picked up and distributed to customers. But, you can suddenly pay for a loaded account. Do not ring them because you just do not have to. We suggest to remind these Pattaya nightlife tips before going to Pattaya.

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