Pattaya Tips: 10 Amazing things to do in Pattaya

Although known for its crazy nightlife, Pattaya has a variety of temples, zoo gardens and sightseeing places that can be seen in and around it.

You can visit these places with daily tours or with your own where you can get tickets from the hotel or the agencies.



Coral Island, or Koh Larn in local name, is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 7 km out of Pattaya. This tropical island, which is a turquoise sea, attracts a lot of attention from domestic and foreign tourists.

The island, which is 5 km in length and 2.5 km in width, has a population of about 1200 residents. An ideal place for lounging on the sun loungers, enjoying water sports and enjoying the sea after a lively night life.

Koh Larn is a 40 minute ferry ride away from Pattaya. The ferry ticket is about 20 baht.

koh larn pattaya

2. Khao Phra Tamnak and Wat Phra Yai

At the top of Khao Phra Tamnak, one of the highest places of Pattaya, there is a huge Buddha sculpture and a Chinese style temple dedicated to Confucius.

wat phra yai

3. Ripley Museum Pattaya

The Ripley museum is where Mr. Ripley displays strange objects from the various corners of the world. Some are real and some are replicas. In this strange museum there are places where you can fight against aliens in a flight simulator, a moving movie theater and a futuristic square. While you are enjoying many optical illusions, you can also testify to strange people’s lives.

Ripley Museum Opening Hours :11:00 am. – 11:00 pm.
Ripley Museum Entrance Fee: Adult: 480 Baht; Child: 380 Baht

ripley museum pattaya

4. Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth, the wooden temple, is the most beautiful buddhist temple of Pattaya. The construction of this splendid temple, located on the sea shore between Pattaya and Naklua beaches, started in 1981 but is still incomplete. Construction works still go on. The wooden temple is decorated with Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Indian religious iconographies.

There is a free temple tour every half hour between 08.30-17.00. During the hours of 11.30 and 15.30, traditional Thai dolls are displayed.

Sanctuary of Truth Entry fee: 500 baht
Sanctuary of Truth Opening hours: 09.00-18.00

sanctuary of truth

5. Underwater World

There are about 2500 sea life in the Underwater World, one of the largest and modern aquariums in Asia. Nutrition hours of fishes are very interesting, especially the feeding of sharks. It is also possible to touch various sea creatures in a pool at the entrance.

Underwater World Entrance Fee: 500 baht – Child 300 baht
Underwater World Opening hours: 09.00-18.00

underwater world pattaya

6. The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

You can watch interesting crocodile shows on this farm that hosts hundreds of crocodiles. There is also a huge park where you can see various animal species, 1-million-year-old trees and interesting rock types.

The Million Years Stone Entrance Fee: Adult 300 baht – Child 150 baht
The Million Years Stone Opening hours: 08.30-17.30

the million stone park and crocodile farm

7. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and Cultural Village

This huge park, home to botanical gardens, waterfalls, traditional Thai style houses, elephant shows and cultural shows that are staged 4 times a day, is ideal for a full day.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Entry fee: 500 baht
Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Opening hours: 09.00-17.00

nong nooch tropical garden pattaya

8. Sriracha Tiger Zoo Pattaya

You can see hundreds of tigers in Sriracha, the largest zoo in the world divided into tigers, you can take your baby tigers and photograph them. In this zoo there are 500 tigers, 15,000 crocodiles, elephants and dozens of different animals.

There are also some very exciting tiger and crocodile shows at certain times in Sriracha.

Sriracha Entrance fee: 300 Baht
Sriracha Opening hours: 08.00-18.00

Sriracha Tiger Zoo Pattaya

9. Anek Kuson Sala (Viharn Sien)

More than 300 sculptures and artworks are found in this magnificent Chinese temple. There are sculptures of Buddhist, Confucianist and Taoist gods as well as sculptures of historical figures in the temple.

Anek Kuson Sala Entrance fee: 50 baht
Anek Kuson Sala Opening hours: 09.00-17.00

10. Mini Siam Pattaya

Mini Siam, one of the most famous miniature parks in the world, features models from both Thailand and other countries at 1:25 scale.

Some of the prominent models in the park are the Royal Palace, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the Eiffel Tower.

Mini Siam Entrance Fee: 200 baht – Child 120 baht
Mini Siam Opening hours: 07.00-22.00

mini siam pattaya

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