Terminal 21 Bangkok Thailand

Terminal 21 is one of must see places if you have much time in Bangkok. Each floor has a different city concept, and each floor has its own distinctive design for different cities. There are shops of local brands that make boutique designs besides international brands. At this shopping mall, you can buy clothes with stylish designs that you can not find in your home country.

Terminal 21, with 9 floors, has more than 600 stores. There is a dining area and a variety of restaurants on the 5th floor of Terminal 21, where a cinema room is located. The dining area is one of the best calculations in town.

Terminal 21 Working Hours: 10.00 – 22.00

terminal 21 bangkok

How do you get to Terminal 21?

Buses 2-511 from Khao San Road, Havaray with Asok station or metro and Sukhumvit station from city center.

The biggest reason to go to Sukhumvit is this interesting and huge shopping mall. This shopping mall is like no other at all. Each floor is designed like a city in the world. It feels like you’re going to the stores in different countries.

If you are going to Bangkok, we definitely recommend you to see it. If you are a luxury enthusiast then you can go directly to the Emporium. The Emporium is only a few km from Terminal 21 and only one stop if you use the subway.

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