Wat Pho Bangkok

Wat Pho is the oldest Buddhist temple in Bangkok. There is a huge Buddha statue inside. This is also the largest Buddhist statue in Thailand. It is a statue in a lying position that fills the inside of the big building. Even the toes are a human size. Describes the moment when Buddha reached nirvan.

Wat Pho is the place where Traditional Thai Massage is born. Even before this temple was built yet, it was a health center. After the temple was built, it became a place where both faith and healing were performed together.

Wat Pho, one of the most important temples in Bangkok, is one of the best places to experience traditional Thai massage. Famous Thai massages can be made for 200-300 baht, and even massage courses can be booked. This temple is considered one of the leading schools where traditional Thai massage is taught.

wat pho

When visiting Buddhist temples in Thailand, remember that your shoulders and your knees should be closed. Also, shoes must be removed when visiting temples. He should not forget to be silent, respect the temple and the worshipers in it.

This great buddhist temple can be visited from 08.30 to 17.00 every day. The entrance fee for the temple is 100 baht.

How to go Wat Pho?

Wat Pho is located behind Wat Phra Kaew (Emerald Buddha Temple). That buddhist temple is located a 10 minute walk outside the Grand Palace walls, on the other side of the road.

There are two entrances to the temple, one at Th Chetuphon and the other at Th Thai Wang. The less crowded Th Chetuphon gate is recommended instead of the crowded door Th Thai Wang, preferred by tourists. It’s also cool from fraudsters and disturbing sellers.

How to get Wat Pho from Central Palace?

Also it is near the Grand Palace. Walking distance. You can arrive 5-10 minutes on foot.

If you have already been to Wat Arun, the best way to get there is by boat from Wat Arun to Central Palace and then to Wat Pho.

Wat Pho Entrance Fee:100 Baht

Wat Pho Opening Hours: 08:30 Р17:00 

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