What to pack for Thailand Trip? Packing List!

What to pack for Thailand is the crucial question. In Thailand, every season of the year has a warm and moist tropical clime. For this reason, do not worry about buying woolen clothes. Cotton clothes are a good choice for Thailand. If you are considering coming to town from December to February you can get a sweater that you can wear for your cool air.

We recommend that you have a sweater for those who come by bus in Pattaya from Bangkok. The inside of the buses is no different from the fridge.

If you are going to Thailand on a rainy season, a light raincoat can be a good idea. You can also get a small umbrella if necessary.

what to pack for thailand

Travel Packing for Thailand: Special Clothing

If you are planning to go to quality restaurants for dinner, it is advisable to wear appropriate clothes. Some top class disco or bar shorts and slippers are not allowed in. It would be good to buy shoes that suit your clothes.

It can be pleasant to see shorts or t-shirts in the sea during the day or holiday in the streets, but it is also important for our nightly entertainment and good clothes to eat.

What to pack for Thailand: Mobile Phone & Drugs

For overseas travel, getting a SIM card from one of the mobile networks of your country is the smartest and most economical way to communicate. Extremely urgent communication is available at the airport. The best thing is to get a SIM card from one of the 7-Eleven stores in almost every corner after you have settled in your hotel in Thailand.

If you have a drug that you use all the time, remember to take your side. Crazy Bangkok or Pattaya can get a painkiller for a possible headache after nightlife activities. Although there are convenient medical facilities in Bangkok and Pattaya, it would be beneficial to take the medication you need. Bangkok nightlife or Pattaya nightlife may ruin you!

Thailand packing list for all: Land, Sea and Water Sports

If you want to enjoy the sea of Thailand islands, sunbathe on white sand, be sure to take your shorts. You’d better keep shorts, slippers, hats, sun cream, and towels

If you are going to discover elephant safaris, botanical park tours and places to visit in Thailand, it would be good if you have a suitable shoe to keep your feet wet. For foot fatigue, do not miss the foot massage opportunities you will see at every corner. After 15 minutes of massage, the feet feel like they have never been tired.

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